Making memories…

When I was younger, I remember being envious of my friends who were being pampered by their grandparents. Mine were busy making a living for a lot of people depending on them. It was okay, to tell the truth, but there were occasional bitter emotions of wishing that I had the same set of grandparents as my friends.

Now that I am older, and my grandparents are able to spend more time with me, I make it a point to be with them. I make it a point to make memories that I would have wanted to have when I was younger. Have you heard of senior travel? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing a lot lately with my grandparents. I am loving every minute I spend with them! I love the fact that I can ask them to go with me to a certain place and they would be willing to go and spend time with me. I also love the fact that it is easy for them to travel especially as they really prepared themselves for this very activity before they retired from their respective jobs. They have their passports ready. Visas for destinations that require it are also in place. And their luggages are always ready, filled with clothes for different seasons.

I can’t begin to describe the feeling of being with the persons I love the most in the world, aside from my parents and siblings. I am praying I will have more time to spend with them, more time to travel all over the world!

Regret comes in the end.

You won’t find yourself regretting something you haven’t done yet. That’s not going to happen unless you have a unique ability to see the future. So the saying that “better safe than sorry” should always be foremost in our minds. This applies to all of us, most especially to owners of motorcycles. Those big bikes should be treated like a danger to your being if you are not wearing safety gear. Go buy yourself a helmet. You will look good in it and you will be safe.

I know that most of us feel like we are invincible. The truth is we’re not.

Regret comes in the end so better cover your tracks and stay on the safe side.

Balance in life

If you don’t have a balance in your life, make sure to get a ‘scale’ and check your balance. Work and fun should be equal. Your time for yourself and everyone else should also be the same. You will live a great life if there is balance because that way you equally give attention to what’s truly important.

I wish I learned early on about this balance in life. Because you know, there is none in my life ever since I took the reins in the house. I would love to rectify the situation but I don’t know where to begin.

Maybe by giving more attention to myself now?

Time out from work.


It’s time to unwind and take time out from work. I think I will just sit back and relax tonight. Maybe have a bottle or two of beer with some chips and melted cheese… and a marathon of this Korean drama that I am so engrossed with. I am now on episode 9. There are 7 more episodes to go!

I can’t wait to have my easy night.

Have a great day people!

Ready to let go.

choose happiness

I read somewhere that in order for positive things and happiness to enter our lives, we must let go of the negative ones as well as those which bring us down.

I am ready to let go.

I am ready to accept every blessing that will come my way! Are you?

Happy 1st of September people! May this month be an abundant one for all of us!


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